NSW Smart and Skilled program

Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW vocational education and training system. It’s designed to help people get the skills they need to find a job and advance their careers.
Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with:
• an entitlement to government-subsidised training up to and including Certificate III
• government funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in targeted priority areas.

You may be eligible for Smart and Skilled if you:
• are aged 15 years or older
• have left school
• live or work in New South Wales
• are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen

You can check your eligibility online via this link or by talking to us on 1800 70 90 35.

Five Star College is not currently delivering courses under the Smart and Skilled program.

Smart and Skilled training is subsidised by the NSW Government. Smart and Skilled training fees and charges vary according to the type of training being undertaken and in accordance with the NSW Smart and Skilled Fee Administration policy. A copy of this policy can be found here.
To check the student fee for a course you can use the Student Fee Calculator on the Find a Course page of the Smart and Skilled website

Fee exemptions may be available for students who:
• Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
• Meet the disability fee exemption criteria
• are recipients of fee-free scholarships

See information here on fee-free scholarships.

Concession fees may be available for students who:
• are receiving a specified Commonwealth benefit or allowance
• are dependant of a person receiving a specified Commonwealth benefit or allowance

Please note there are no concessions for students enrolling in Diploma qualifications.

Fees may vary if a student is eligible for RPL or Credit Transfer.

Fee Collection
Student fees are payable at commencement of training. Five Star College will not collect any fees above $1,500 in advance. If a Student Fee is in excess of $1,500, they will be invoiced $1,500 at the commencement of their training and the remainder upon completion or withdrawal.
Five Star College offer payment plans to assist with the payment of fees. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Refunds – Course Fees
Notification to withdraw received after course commencement date results in a penalty of 100% of the course fee. No refund is applicable.
A partial refund is not applicable where RPL and/or CT are granted.
Refunds are not available if Five Star College no longer has access to NSW state funding. Upon request, Five Star College will provide a fee amount in lieu of NSW state funding that was previously subsidising the student’ course.
Students will not be entitled to a refund of any course fees if they are removed from a course for any breach of the Student Behaviour Policy or other serious misconduct.

Refunds – Application and Administrative Fees
Fees received for applications and administrative processes are non refundable. This includes fees for course extension, course deferral, certificate re-issuance and course transfer.

Refunds – Australian Consumer Law
Where a student or client believes they are entitled to a refund under Australian Consumer Law, they are to submit their request in writing to the Director.
Requests will be reviewed by Director and an outcome provided in writing within ten business days.

Enrolment Process
Before you enrol in any course or program we encourage you to speak with one of our team members about your course. We will guide you through the enrolment process, including application for recognition assessment (see section on recognition assessment). Your goals are our priority. Please contact us to discuss your course options prior to enrolment.

Smart and Skilled Notification of Enrolment

The College follows the below procedures when enrolling students in NSW Government Smart and Skilled subsidised courses:
1. Eligibility Check: the College will check your eligibility for the program. As a general guide of eligibility, you must be:
• 15 years old or over
• no longer at school
• living or working in NSW
• an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen
If you are not sure of your eligibility please discuss it with the College.
2. Declarations: you will also be required to sign the following documents (and you will be given a hard or electronic copy of them):
• Consent to Use And Disclosure of Personal Information
• Enrolment form
• Privacy Form if you would like us to apply for USI on your behalf.
3. Notification to Department: On completion of this process a copy of the Notification of Enrolment Report will be generated and kept on your file.
If you have any questions with regard to the Notification of Enrolment Process please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Consumer protection policy

Five Star College agrees to provide:

  • accurate information to you
  • access to a student handbook that includes information on your rights and responsibilities as a student and complaints procedure.
  • a consumer protection officer and contact details for them
  • you with information on how your information is used and request your agreeance with this process prior to enrolling

By enrolling with Five Star College you agree to:

  • provide accurate information
  • pay invoices and fees upon agreed timeframe
  • be aware of your rights as listed in the student handbook
  • comply with your responsibilities in the student handbook


Your consumer protection officer is:

James Vial. Available on 1800 709 035 or james.vial@fivestar.edu.au


Reasonable attempts will be made to resolve any complaint using the complaints and appeals policy listed in the student handbook. You will recieve a written or verbal reply that your complaint has been received and the process that will follow. James Vial, in his role as consumer protection officer will allocate staff in the appropriate roles to manage the complaint process.

If a student feels their complaint is still unresolved after submitting a formal complaint to Five Star College, they can contact the Department of Industry’s customer support centre. The information for this process is located here.