Work Placement

Work experience, also known as work placement is required for a number of our courses. If your course has a work experience component, you can expect the following:

  • Our insurance covers you for work experience while you’re undertaking approved shifts in a workplace approved by us.
  • You will recieve a work experience logbook to log your hours, experience and may contain a report for your supervisor to complete

Work placement terms

  • We will provide you with a list of requirements for the workplace to meet.
  • You will be required to source work experience for your course. We will assist with any questions you may have around approaching hosts for work placement.
  • We can source work experience for you at a fee of $175 per host. Please contact us to arrange this.

Work experience is a great opportunity for students to gain real work experience and potentially be considered for employment with the host if suitable vacancies are available. We ask students to treat work experience like a job trial.

What do we ask from you?

  • Show up on time to agreed work experience shifts
  • Work safely
  • Report any hazards or unsafe work practices to us
  • Do not complete any activities you don’t feel comfortable with
  • Call the host employer and us if you can’t attend any work experience shifts
  • Wear appropriate clothing as outlined by your coordinator and the employer
  • Treat the experience like a job trial, it’s your opportunity to show the employer your value to their business

Frequently asked questions

What happens if i don’t successfully complete work experience? Work experience is used to gather evidence of your practical skills. In most cases, not successfully completing work experience results in the qualification not being awarded. We will work with you to address most set backs that hinder you from successfully completing work experience.

My work experience didn’t work out. Can you source me another host? Any acts of sabotage or behaviour in the workplace that we determine to be inappropriate will result in us not being able to assist with further placements or insurance coverage. We can source a secondary host for a secondary fee of $175.


For further information on unpaid student placements, please visit the Fair Work Australia page here